DWR in Nepal

Earthquakes present particular challenges to disaster-response teams. DWR representatives were present in Nepal to help immediately after the earthquakes hit in 2015, helping people to help themselves.

The two devastating earthquakes in April and May 2015 saw more than 600,000 houses completely destroyed resulting in nearly 190,000 displaced people, with the livelihoods of up to 2.8 million people drastically affected. (statistics source: www.careinternational.org.uk).

As people desperately tried to clear debris, to look for missing loved-ones and salvage belongings from homes, they risked their lives by entering unstable and dangerous buildings. DWR helped communities by providing a training scheme on safe demolition practice using locally available tools and materials and distributing posters warning homeowners of key dangers relating to unstable buildings and relevant demolition hazards.

After the earthquakes, vital action:

  • DWR provided early support to the local authorities and communities affected by the earthquake to stop a potential public health crisis in its tracks. Public health is at severe risk after an earthquake due to the large amounts of solid waste that follow this kind of natural disaster.
  • Our work focused on ensuring that the maximum amount of debris could be recycled and re-used in the reconstruction works.